Black Friday is the sixth book in the Major Crime Squad series written by Luke Heath.

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A young girl is abducted near West Leederville train station. However, the detectives soon realise that she is only the first of a string of girls. Five victims are taken, all Caucasian females, mid to late teens. All raped and stabbed multiple times. Because the first victim was taken on Friday 13th, the killer is dubbed the "Black Friday Killer" by the press. When a seventh victim is taken, the police start to close in. She is able to escape, and she is found alive by a passerby. However, while she is in hospital, in a medically induced coma, another girl is taken. 

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  • Friday 13/5/16 (evening) – Emily Powell is on her way to West Leederville train station when Eddie and Michael Cochrane attack and abduct her.
  • Thursday 27/5/16 (evening) – Jessica Jackson is approached after attending a concert at St George's Cathedral.
  • Tuesday 7/6/16 (evening) – Alesha Wheeler is out running in Hyde Park when she is pursued, bound and assaulted.
  • Friday 20/5/16 (afternoon) – Alexander Milton tries unsuccessfully to get cash out using one of Alesha Wheeler’s bank cards, but the ATM gets his photo.
  • Thursday 27/5/16 (evening) – Jessica Jackson is approached after attending a concert at St George's Cathedral.
  • 4/6/16 (late evening)  Liz Steele is assaulted in the loading dock of Woolworths, in Subiaco.
  • Sarah Adams is accosted in Wellington Square after studying at XXXX Library until it closed for the night.

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Sarah Adams | Claire Bennett | Rick Brady | Charles Branson | Eddie Cochrane | Michael Cochrane | Anna Da Costa | Andrea Dobbs | Jason Frame | Evelyn Francis | Beth Goldstein | Isabelle Grayson | Teri Harper | Madeleine Hart | Barry Jackson | Jessica Jackson | Eamon King | John Lacy | Rob Lloyd | Michael McGowan | James McLean | Paul McLean | Kyle Manning | Alexander Milton | Rochelle Neaves | Simon Phipps | Emily Powell | Erica Reilly | Ian Sheridan | Liz Steele | Les Tippett | Sophie Uhlmann | Fiona Walsh | Alesha Wheeler | Tom Woźniak

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'The Cochranes are the most prolific serial killers in Australia since Christopher Worrell and James Miller...'

Worrell and Miller committed the Truro Murders in the late 1970s.

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