The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) is the independent prosecuting authority for the State of Western Australia, responsible for the prosecution of all serious offences committed against State criminal law.

About the ODPP Edit

The ODPP acts independently of the Government in decision-making on criminal prosecutions. The Director is however responsible to the Attorney General for the operation of the Office. The ODPP does not investigate crime, that is the role of the investigating agencies such as the WA Police.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions will carefully review the case to see whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the case in the Supreme or District Court. If the ODPP decides that the case should not proceed because there is insufficient evidence, or for other reasons, this will be discussed with the victim of the crime at the earliest possible time.

If the ODPP decides that the case should proceed an indictment and prosecution brief will be prepared. The case will then be heard in the District or Supreme Court where the accused may plead guilty before a Judge and be sentenced. If the accused pleads not guilty the case will need to go to trial before a Judge and jury or in some rare cases before a Judge alone.  The ODPP will conduct the prosecution and call a number of Police and other witnesses to give evidence. The prosecution team will generally consist of a barrister and a solicitor.

List of Staff Edit

Director of Public Prosecutions Edit

Walter Thompson

Zoe Martindale (Deputy)

Barristers Edit

Thomas Bell

Elijah Bush

Marion Butler

Lloyd Copeland

Ellis Cummings

Greg Davis

Julian Frazier

Teri Harper

Kerry Lynch

Pamela Lyons

Doug McCormick

Lynn Myers

Tim Newton

Carolyn Reeves

Sonya Reynolds

Susan Schmidt

Vanessa Watkins

Ralph Wilson

Solicitors Edit

Dana Ball

Victor Briggs

Stuart Drake

Daniel Ford

Kelly Garrett

Kristin Jordan

Preston Knight

Mercedes Pitman

Lee Stevens

Erika Thomson