2015 Edit

February-April – Suffer Little Children

May-June – Meat Market

July-August – Who Will Guard the Guards

October-November – Breathless

December – Bed of Roses

2016 Edit

February-March – Dead in the Water

May-July – Black Friday

August – Fourteen Words

September-October – In the Name of the Father

December – Born that Way

2017 Edit

January-March – One for All

March-April – Home Is Where the Heart Is

June – Misjudged

 August-September – Turf War

2017 – Watcher in the Night

2018 Edit

January – Out of the Cold

Do No Harm

Burning Desire

A Woman Scorned

Ghosts of the Past

2019 Edit

New Beginnings

Crash Course

Money to Burn

Hot Shot

Don't Bank on It