The Supreme Court of Western Australia is the highest state court in Western Australia.

About the Supreme Court Edit

It consists of a General Division (equivalent to the Trial Division in other states) and the Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court has jurisdiction over all criminal matters but generally exercises its jurisdiction only over the most serious matters, including murder, armed robbery and serious drug offences. The Supreme Court has unlimited jurisdiction in civil matters.

List of Staff Edit

Chief Justice of Western Australia Edit

Evelyn Francis

Senior Judge of the General Division Edit

The Hon. Justice Tom Woźniak

Judges of the General Division Edit

The Hon. Justice Russell Brasse

The Hon. Justice Nick Demming

The Hon. Justice Fraser Ericsson

The Hon. Justice Kristy Gilliam

The Hon. Justice Phil Graham

The Hon. Justice Anastasia Hopkins

The Hon. Justice Simon Howells

The Hon. Justice Ken Lawton

The Hon. Justice Katrina Lennon

The Hon. Justice Aundrea Mackey

The Hon. Justice Isabella Newman

The Hon. Justice Rod Pettitt

The Hon. Justice Yvette Pfeiffer

The Hon. Justice Fiona Walsh

Court of Appeal Judges Edit

The Hon. Justice Maggie Allen

The Hon. Justice Douglas Connery

The Hon. Justice Ashleigh Fuller

The Hon. Justice Ethan Roache

The Hon. Justice Heath Wickersham

The Master Edit

Les Tippett

The Registrars Edit

Stephanie Armstrong

Mark Bartels (Principal Registrar)

Rick Clarke

Matthew Elyard

Nicole Kenworthy

Chris Morrow

Zoe Patten

Jodie Renner-Burgess

Georgia Tremaine

Quan Li Zhu (Court of Appeal Registrar)

Associates Edit

Hannah Bennet

Ethan Brinsmead

John Burrows

Alicia Crook

Christopher Degens

Rian Duncan

Dee Fleischer

Lyn Flanders-Payne

Talia Gordon

Morgan Harper

Angela Johnston

Dino Mazzanti

Angelo Milanesi

Laurence Mitchell

Alicia Novak

Shivani Patil

Joseph Petrie

George Pugh

Tegan Rees

Zane Reilly

Jacob Sinclair

Aine Walker

Jack Winder

Shaun Yen